Those of us who are sick are the ‘canaries in the coal mine’

Written by: Pamela Connellan Recently Dr Neil Nathan, a specialist in chronic illness, spoke at a conference for Integrative Medicine for the Treatment of Tick-borne Disease. He said: “We live in an incredibly toxic world and unless we change things, we could all be sick… those of us who are sick are the canaries in the coal mine.” With over 44 years of medical practice, Dr Nathan is well-qualified to speak on this subject. He has spent the past 25 years specialising in treating patients with chronic, complex medical illnesses. During the conference, he explained that there are a number of underlying factors which are often the reason why a particular patient does not respond well to treatment. “There are a number of patients with tick-borne illnesses [...]

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Hyperthermia Treatment

Article: Hyperthermia Treatment Publication: Townsend Letter/ July 2017 Summary: Receiving hyperthermia treatment was a turning point in Michelle’s recovery from debilitating tick-borne illnesses. View Full article here.  

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Chronic Lyme Patient Undergoes ‘Treatment of Last Resort’

On a summer day in July 2006, Michelle McKeon was shopping in a grocery store in Fire Island when she felt her body shutting down. As she lost feeling in her extremities, she was unable to think or speak. “Ever since that day, I never felt well again,” said McKeon, now 24. She left her summer plans to work in an ice cream parlor with college friends behind and came home to Ridgewood, where she was diagnosed with a case of heat stroke. But the symptoms never went away. Each day she felt like the room was spinning, and there was a constant pressure in her ears. Any temperature hotter than 75 degrees made her feel overwhelmed, and any bright light or loud noise gave her an [...]

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