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Hyperthermia Treatment

Could Hyperthermia Therapy Help You?

The Treatment that Gave Us Our Lives Back

No, not hypothermia, where you are lowering your body temperature. We are talking about Hyperthermia, a treatment that increases the body temperature in a specific way to treat illness directly or to intensify the effect of other therapies.  Hyperthermia therapy is a strong immunotherapy and an established principle treatment for chronic infectious diseases. The hospitals that we work with, use machines that reach temperatures as high as 107.6° Fahrenheit (42° Celsius). To be successful, it is important that hyperthermia is done in hospital settings that have high-quality equipment within an environment that offers detoxification therapies to support the body.

What temperature does the body need to increase to when treating lyme?

The core temperature of the body is increased carefully through the use of whole-body infrared-A-irradiation. The goal is to bring the body temperature to at least 106° F (41.1° C), which is the temperature at which it is believed many strains of Borreliosis are affected. If the patient is able to tolerate higher temperatures, doctors at the hospitals in Germany and Mexico believe it is preferable to try and reach 107° F (41.67° C) and slightly above.

Why is hyperthermia therapy a game changing treatment for Cancer?

Raising the core body temperature artificially induces a fever response, which stimulates the immune system to work harder.  It also assists to increase the effectiveness of other cancer therapies, and it can help the body to release so that toxins can be eliminated by the body.

During Hyperthermia therapy, tumorous tissue is heated using different techniques. As a result of this heating:

  • The cancer cells are damaged
  • The blood and oxygen supply are reduced, causing an increase of cancer cell killing
  • The body’s own immunological defense mechanisms are activated

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Why hyperthermia’s approach is so effective for Lyme?

  • Increasing body temperature kills Lyme microbes and other co-infections.
  • Increases the effectiveness of antibiotics, by enabling antibiotics to get inside the cells more easily.
  • Disrupts the structural integrity of biofilms
  • Stimulates the detoxification process
  • Signals the immune system to increase 

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Is hyperthermia therapy safe?

The body can tolerate temperatures under 43° C. Therefore, the target temperature is 41-42° C.  Extreme-whole body hyperthermia is considered safe when performed in an in-hospital setting where you are monitored the entire procedure, and detoxification therapies are provided before hyperthermia to prepare your body for treatment, and after to help your body with the die off reaction. While side effects are rare, the most common ones are minor burns, blisters, rashes, diarrhea, nausea, and fatigue. In very rare cases, serious complications could occur.  However, throughout the many years these hospitals have carried out whole-body hyperthermia treatment, careful selection of patients in compliance with doctors’ recommendations have kept the risks associated with hyperthermia to an absolute minimum. In general, this form of therapy is considered to be highly effective and well tolerated.