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Has Lyme Disease or cancer Destroyed Your Life?

Hyperthermia, the game changing treatment

Hyperthermia is an alternative treatment offered at hospitals in the United States, Germany, and Mexico that actually works.  After exhausting all therapies in the States, hyperthermia treatment gave me my life back.

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“Our mission is to offer assistance at no charge to individuals suffering from Lyme disease and cancer, and to provide trusted information about the benefits of hyperthermia and other treatment options at specialized hospitals world-wide.”

Are You At A Loss With Your Lyme Or Cancer Treatment? 

Lyme disease is the fastest growing vector-borne infectious disease in the US

If you have been living with chronic Lyme disease or cancer, I can imagine that you probably feel incredibly frustrated. Not only are you sick and tired of being sick and tired, but you have most likely spent a lot of money on treatments already and are still left without any quality of life. I know where you are because I have been there too.

I was misdiagnosed for many years and became completely debilitated from Lyme. Hyperthermia was the first treatment that my body actually responded to and gave me my life back. If you would like to find out more information about whether this treatment is the right option for you, we would be happy to set up a free consultation to see if it’s a match. 

Could Hyperthermia Help You?

The Treatment that Gave Us Our Lives Back

No, not hypothermia, where you are lowering your body temperature. We are talking about Hyperthermia, a treatment that increases the body temperature in a specific way to treat illness directly or to intensify the effect of other therapies.  Hyperthermia is a strong immunotherapy and an established principle treatment for chronic infectious diseases. The hospitals that we work with, use machines that reach temperatures as high as 107.6° Fahrenheit (42° Celsius). To be successful, it is important that hyperthermia is done in hospital settings that have high-quality equipment within an environment that offers detoxification therapies to support the body.

What temperature does the body need to increase to when treating lyme?

The core temperature of the body is increased carefully through the use of whole-body infrared-A-irradiation. The goal is to bring the body temperature to at least 106° F (41.1° C), which is the temperature at which it is believed many strains of Borreliosis are affected. If the patient is able to tolerate higher temperatures, doctors at the hospitals in the United States, Germany, and Mexico believe it is preferable to try and reach 107° F (41.67° C) and slightly above.

Why is hyperthermia a game changing treatment for Cancer?

Raising the core body temperature artificially induces a fever response, which stimulates the immune system to work harder.  It also assists to increase the effectiveness of other cancer therapies, and it can help the body to release so that toxins can be eliminated by the body.

During Hyperthermia therapy, tumorous tissue is heated using different techniques. As a result of this heating:

  • The cancer cells are damaged
  • The blood and oxygen supply are reduced, causing an increase of cancer cell killing
  • The body’s own immunological defense mechanisms are activated 

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Why hyperthermia’s approach is so effective for Lyme?
  • Increasing body temperature kills Lyme microbes and other co-infections.
  • Increases the effectiveness of antibiotics, by enabling antibiotics to get inside the cells more easily.
  • Disrupts the structural integrity of biofilms
  • Stimulates the detoxification process
  • Signals the immune system to increase 

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Is hyperthermia treatment safe?

The body can tolerate temperatures under 43° C. Therefore, the target temperature is 41-42° C.  Extreme-whole body hyperthermia is considered safe when performed in an in-hospital setting where you are monitored the entire procedure, and detoxification therapies are provided before hyperthermia to prepare your body for treatment, and after to help your body with the die off reaction. While side effects are rare, the most common ones are minor burns, blisters, rashes, diarrhea, nausea, and fatigue. In very rare cases, serious complications could occur.  However, throughout the many years these hospitals have carried out whole-body hyperthermia treatment, careful selection of patients in compliance with doctors’ recommendations have kept the risks associated with hyperthermia to an absolute minimum. In general, this form of therapy is considered to be highly effective and well tolerated.

Let Us Help You Book Your Hyperthermia Treatment

We are the liaison for Extreme whole-body hyperthermia treatment in the United States, Germany, and Mexico

Lyme and Cancer Services was founded to help support people with tick-borne infections and cancer, and to educate the community about hyperthermia as a successful treatment option.  Tick-borne infections and cancers are very complex, and there are so many pieces to the puzzle in the recovery process.  Lyme and Cancer Services is here to hold your hand through this experience. As a liaison between the doctors at these hospitals and the patients, we can assist in all your scheduling needs, and help you navigate which hospital is the best for you to receive treatment.

How can you help with this process?
  • We can walk you through our personal experience receiving hyperthermia treatment
  • Offer information on Lyme diseaseco-infections, cancer, and helping to educate as to why whole-body hyperthermia is an effective option for treatment.
  • Explain what to expect at the hospitals, treatment specifics, and advice on managing your scheduled treatments during your visit.
  • Provide reputable laboratories for diagnosing Lyme disease, co-infections, candida, heavy metal poisoning, mold issues, mineral deficiencies, methylation issues, and food sensitivities.
  • Go over our experience with detoxification, diet, nutritional supplementation, and anti-microbials that have helped our treatment outcome.
  • Explain how to best prepare for traveling to Germany or Mexico, such as: scheduling optimal flight times, having proper currency, and help with packing decisions.
  • Locate infusion centers near you for alternative treatment before and after hyperthermia treatment.
  • Provide guidance in assisting clients in pursuing reimbursement from their insurance company for treatments at a hospitals in Germany and Mexico.
  • Offer discounted prices on top supplemental brands.
  • We send a free Guidebook that goes over any questions we have ever been asked about this process.
What is the Scheduling Process?

Give us a call or email us to find out more information. If after the initial call, you think receiving treatment at a hospital we work with is something you are interested in, then lab tests and documents confirming diagnosis from a medical practitioner will need to be sent to us. This information will be forwarded to the hospitals and scheduling can then take place. We will provide you with documentation and an ongoing dialogue detailing the treatment process for pre, during, and post-hospital treatment. Having been through this treatment firsthand, we can provide one-on-one consultations on how to best proceed with your healing journey.

Are your Services Actually Free?

Lyme and Cancer Services is able to provide free services to clients because we are sustained by the hospitals that we partner with. Treatments at these hospitals are the same price whether you go through us or not.  However, having been through treatment ourselves, we are able to walk you through the process in detail and spend as much time speaking with you as you need so that you have your questions answered and feel comfortable with your journey ahead. We also provide a free Guidebook that goes over any questions we have ever been asked about this process.

Is Hyperthermia Available in the US?

Yes, extreme whole-body hyperthermia is available in the US, and is FDA approved. The company that we work with is located in Florida, and even has a patented device that can measure the exact temperature of the brain during hyperthermia treatment.

Talk to us about how hyperthermia can help you! 

“I just wish I could thank Michelle in person for her kindness, her friendship, and her knowledge. Michelle is absolutely not pedaling snake oil – I thank her from the bottom of my heart. I am well, and it feels like a miracle. I did not even remember what wellness felt like – phew – all I can say is that it is better than you think.”

Kirstin Bokor

“Lyme and Cancer Services gave me hope and eventually a path to wellness. Today I am symptom free, off all my meds, and I have my life back. I am back to work as a nurse. I am grateful.”

S. Zimmerman

“Since returning, Lyme and Cancer Services has continued to follow up with my treatments and recovery, with excellent advice. I unreservedly recommend consultation with LCS before traveling abroad for Lyme treatment.”

Molly Mason

“The two hyperthermia treatments have worked their miracle and I feel like I have my life back.  I’m so grateful for the support from Michelle and Dr Herzog and can’t recommend their service highly enough.”

Stuart Kinnear

Holistic Hospitals

Specializing in Hyperthermia

We have strong partnerships with these 3 hospitals in Mexico and Germany. We can help you navigate the whole process from start to finish.

Dr. Herzog's Special Hospital

Bad Salzhausen, Germany

For more than 20 years Dr. Herzog has been the head physician of his own independent private hospital specializing in hyperthermia treatments in combination with incorporating integrative and holistic concepts. Dr. Herzog’s team works together with you to create an individualized treatment strategy. 


St. Georg Hospital

Bad Aibling, Germany

The holistic, integrative treatment approach at St. Georg Hospital (also known at Klinik St. Georg) views the patient as a whole person comprising body, mind, and soul. Led by Dr. Douwes, the diagnostic and therapeutic options available at St. George Hospital are based on decades of experience, to the benefit of their patients.


Sanoviv Medical Institute

Rosarita Beach, Mexico

Sanoviv Medical Institute is the perfect retreat that is in close proximity to the US border, offering cutting-edge treatments in a beautiful healing environment. Sanoviv has a large team of medical professionals who will work to get to the root cause of each patient’s health issues so you can heal completely.  


“Michelle provided me not only with all of the information and guidance I could possibly need, but also a lot of encouragement along the way. After much discussion with family, friends and Lyme doctor it became clear that this was my best chance at getting my life back. In short, it turned out to be true”

Hannah Barry

“Having tried various treatments to no avail, we decided to travel to Germany for hyperthermia treatments. Scary? Yes, but with the invaluable information provided by Lyme and Cancer Services, we were much more comfortable planning and executing our trip to Germany.”


“Michelle is so amazing, compassionate, effective, and professional with her work. She is passionate and committed to see her clients get well. We decided to be hospitalized at the Fach Klinic-Dr. Herzog hospital. We just came back a few weeks ago. It was such wonderful and beautiful experience.”

Vivianne Nantel and Line Nantel

“My son, recently went to the clinic for treatment. It appeared that every time he was taken off of antibiotics, the Lyme started winning the battle.  Lyme and Cancer Services timeliness in sending paperwork and scheduling my son’s visit made the process of arranging this treatment seem easy (and nothing is easy when you are dealing with Lyme disease).”


Meet Michelle

President, Consultant, Clinical Nutritionist

Hi! I am Michelle McKeon, MS, CNS, LDN.  I am Licensed Clinical Nutritionist, and Certified Mold Practitioner, specializing in tick-borne diseases, hyperthermia, environmental toxins, gut health, and inflammatory issues.  I was first introduced to functional medicine after a debilitating battle with Lyme disease and many co-infections. After years of trying various treatments, and not responding to them, I decided to receive hyperthermia treatment. This treatment saved my life, and for the first time I was able to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

After returning home from the hospital, I immersed myself in detoxification and cell membrane repair therapies, supplements, herbal tinctures, and a strict diet to aid my body in the recovery process. I went back to school to receive a master’s degree in Human Nutrition and began my private practice, Balancing Pathways.  I am passionate about advocating for people with health conditions, through writing articles for health magazines, being interviewed on podcasts, and speaking at schools, conferences, and support groups.

I guide both local and long-distance clients through addressing various factors that are causing their symptoms. I look for these answers through exploring mold mycotoxins, methylation issues, heavy metals, tick-borne infections, candida, cell membrane damage, parasites, dental issues, diet, and gut flora.  My hope is to support people in their healing journey by educating them about hyperthermia as a successful treatment option, and by directing patients on the therapies received before, during, and after hyperthermia treatment. It does get better. Read about my personal health story here.

“I can honestly say after reading the book I am feeling hopeful for the first time in a while.”


Lyme & Cancer Services E-Book

Get your Complete guide when you sign up for our services

We offer insight and first-hand knowledge on hyperthermia hospitals, antimicrobials, anticancer therapies, detoxification, hyperthermia treatment, and various other information regarding recovery factors.  We understand that this can be an overwhelming process, the Guidebook will work as a virtual tour taking you through all of the answers to the questions we have received over the last decade.


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