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“I am a Lyme patient who has been sick for decades. All the therapies that were tried were unsuccessful in suppressing my co-infections and Lyme secondary to a compromised immune system until my LLMD recommended I explore the option of going to Germany for hyperthermia. I was given Lyme and Cancer Services information by St-Georg Klinik in Germany and so my journey to wellness began. They immediately responded to my call and scheduled an appointment for us to speak. During all of our conversations they were supportive, optimistic, informative and pro-active. I called them on several occasions and they responded the same or next day.


Lyme and Cancer was a wealth of information with regard to how to prep for my trip and what to expect while there. If not for Lyme and Cancer Services I would have stumbled along searching for answers as was the usual for most lyme patients in search of treatment. If not for them, I would still be sick as I would have remained in the US continuing on antibiotics, herbals and supplements, day after day. Lyme and Cancer Services gave me hope and eventually a path to wellness. Today I am symptom free, off all my meds and I have my life back. I am back to work as a nurse. I am grateful.”

S Zimmerman
Treatment Preparation


“When I found Michelle McKeon at Lyme and Cancer Services, I was in a very dark place. I’d lie in bed, cocooned in a morphine haze (for the pain caused by my swelling brain) and my 4 year old son would stroke my head and plead that I not die. It was hell seeing what this disease was doing to my son, my husband, and my parents. By this time I did not know what I believed, I had started to think everything out there was just snake oil. I thought there was no cure and I’d just get sicker and sicker.


The problem with Lyme disease (and its co-infections) is not just the hurdle of actually discovering that Lyme is why you are so sick, but every man and his dog has a ‘cure’ that never ultimately works. Michelle made everything ok from the start – I was humbled when she shared her story with me, and still I cannot believe that she doesn’t just run a mile from any mention of this disease – she’s free! But no, she spent hours helping me ready myself. Michelle told me what to expect and why extreme whole body hyperthermia (EWBH) is the treatment that makes all the difference.


She has also told me how to get my thoughts around all the strange little things that are part of Lyme – mold, heavy metals, fog… and she helped me understand in a way that people with brain fog can grasp (I know – we’re pretty much talking miracles here). I looked forward to her calls and emails. For the first time in a long time I actually thought there was a way through and out of this.


Michelle organized my stay at the hospital, and I really needed that from someone – there was so much to think about and I just wasn’t up to it. Then when I was at the Fach Klinik, she’d email me – just to check-in, see how I was handling things, or to make sure everything was being done properly. Michelle was a friend who actually understood!


When I came home, we still kept in touch. I just wish I could thank her in person for her kindness, her friendship, and her knowledge. Michelle is absolutely not pedaling snake oil – I thank her from the bottom of my heart. I am well, and it feels like a miracle. I did not even remember what wellness felt like – phew – all I can say is that it is better than you think.”

Kirstin Bokor
Recovery Factors


“Our two children have suffered with Lyme for many years. Having tried various treatments to no avail, we decided to travel to Germany for hyperthermia treatments. Scary? Yes, but with the invaluable information provided by Michelle, we were much more comfortable planning and executing our trip to Germany. Our travel and stay was much less worrisome with their help because we didn’t need to research every detail. The kids have hope now which the exceptional doctors, staff, and treatments at St. George Clinic gave to them. That’s priceless. Are we glad we went? Yes!”

Treatment Preparation


“Lyme and Cancer Services knowledge and in-depth response to all my queries about treatment for Lyme Disease was invaluable as I planned for my hyperthermia and other treatments at the Klinik St. Georg in Germany. With their odyssey in the Lyme wars, they have thoughtful, exacting knowledge for all stages of treatment. Of course, it is paramount to have a Lyme-literate, ILADS affiliated, courageous doctor. Lyme and Cancer Services supplemented knowledge I obtained through extensive discussions with my doctor, and my own in-depth research and reading. Travel information they provided were really important; it was so much easier on my body to arrive a few days in advance, and leave 1-2 days after the treatments. Also critical to success was their honest, careful advice of what to expect from the clinic, advice as to personal, and for the necessity to vigorously manage your own schedule and treatments to ensure that you receive all the proper care during your stay. Also very important was the advice to bring a family member or friend to help you: accommodations for your help, in the same room, are just fine and very reasonable in cost.


As they has been working on eliminating his Lyme and co-infections for some time, they were very knowledgeable about what helps or hinders long-term recovery. Lyme and Cancer Services also referred me to other Lyme patients that had gone to Germany. And since I’ve returned, they have continued to follow up with my treatments and recovery, with excellent advice. I unreservedly recommend consultation with Lyme and Cancer Services before traveling abroad for Lyme treatment.”

Molly Mason
Travel Recommendations


“Michelle is my savior. In the last month before I went to Dr. Herzog’s clinic in Germany I could not even think about organising my stay there as I was very weak and had severe brain fog.


I got quite desperate in the fortnight before I went to Germany and emailed Michelle to see when I could go. She told me that I could go in a week. I thought I had won the lottery. My Lyme was undiagnosed in Australia for 4 years. The treatment in Germany was completely successful and I am now Lyme -free.


I fully recommend Michelle and have complete trust in her.”

Consulting Services


“I was diagnosed with Babesia Duncani and Anaplasma co- infection diseases last April of 2015, and being a cancer survivor I needed to find effective treatments as quick as possible. My sister Line was also diagnosed with chronic lyme and several co-infections last year after being misdiagnosed with fibromylgia for 8 years. We discovered Lyme and Cancer Services through my dear friend who also has lyme disease in Connecticut. We found their services very valuable.


Michelle is so amazing, compassionate, effective and professional with her work. She is passionate and committed to see her clients get well. We decided to be hospitalized at the Fach Klinic-Dr. Herzog hospital. We just came back a few weeks ago. It was such wonderful and beautiful experience, though at times very intense and challenging. We are still detoxifying and recovering. Though I feel we will be fully recovered soon after we complete the remaining treatments and detoxing. I already experience the wave of well-being. We are so glad we went. Lyme and Cancer Services has been a light on a dark and scary path. Heart felt gratitude to all of you and Michelle.”

Vivianne Nantel and Line Nantel
Consulting Services


“Lyme and Cancer Services has been an amazing help in preparing me for my trip to the St George Klinik. Their vast knowledge of Lyme disease and treatments as well as their first hand personal experience at the Klinik made me feel like I was making the right decision in taking this very big step on my journey to better health.


They put me in touch with other patients that had gone through the same treatments and had great success. They have always been available to answer any of my questions, even while I was in Germany. It was great having them help plan this very important trip!”

Vincent R
Consulting Services

“I’d like to give an unqualified recommendation to Michelle and LCS. Michelle understands the patient point of view and takes a very pragmatic yet caring approach to helping Lyme sufferers along the healing process. Like most, I had tried a seemingly endless array of doctors, approaches and supplements. The heat treatments were the single most effective modality in eradicating my Lyme infection. Today my health is dramatically improved – I feel like I have my life back. Michelle helped prepare me for the trip and the treatment. There were no surprises. She was available before, during and after and was a great encouragement along the way. I feel this was the best investment I could have made. If you want to get on the road to recovery, give LCS a call.”

Anonymous Business Executive
Treatment Preparation


“I found the book written by Lyme and Cancer Services very informative. Expectations are clearly explained as well as travel and accommodation suggestions. I can honestly say after reading the book I am feeling hopeful for the first time in awhile.”



I am a mother, of which two of my children, whom are young adults suffered from Lyme disease for years. My daughter went for ages misdiagnosed, until we were fortunate enough to have been given the name of a Lyme literate doctor. Finally, an answer! However, after several more years and IV treatments, the Lyme and numerous co-infections were winning. Thanks to our doctor, Hyperthermia treatment was recommended. This treatment saved my daughter’s life! In our preparation to the St. Georg Klinik in Germany, Lyme and Cancer Services provided a wealth of information. The advice and guidance on what to expect at the clinic, as well as the advice for traveling (to avoid jet lag and having time to acclimate to the clinic) was greatly valued. Now my daughter has her life back!


My son, recently went to the same clinic for treatment. It appeared that every time he was taken off of antibiotics, the Lyme and his co-infections started winning the battle. Once again, we contacted Lyme and Cancer Services. Their timeliness in sending paperwork and scheduling my son’s visit made the process of arranging this treatment seem easy (and nothing is easy when you are dealing with Lyme disease). Their attention to details while communicating with the clinic was a welcome relief from myself having to plan and wonder what to do.


All I can say is, “Thank you! The Lyme is no longer winning.” The thought that my son and daughter can get their life back, is a notion that was not even possible a year ago. There is hope, and Lyme and Cancer Services provided the necessary support in the fight against Lyme!

Consulting Services


After nearly 3 years of very poor health and an early British test for Lyme which came back negative, I had the more conclusive test with Armin Labs in Germany which resulted in a positive Lyme test with co-infections. After researching treatments I contacted Michelle to arrange for hyperthermia in Germany. Michelle provided great information and support and made the whole process so easy. I’d initially booked into a different clinic, but they were unable to find space for the dates I needed to travel. Michelle worked really hard to secure an alternative place at Fachklinik with Dr Herzog even keeping contact through the weekend and bank holiday.


I’m really happy that I ended up there. Dr Herzog and his whole team offered excellent care, support, and advice throughout the treatment. They treat the whole person and managed to change my other prescribed drugs for more natural remedies which have worked really well. The two hyperthermia treatments and antibiotics have worked their miracle and I feel like I have my life back. I also witnessed amazing improvements in other Lyme patients who were there. I stayed for an extra few days detox and was sent home with three months of prescriptions to aid my recovery. I’ve been home a week and feel improvements every day. I’m so grateful for the support from Michelle and Dr Herzog and can’t recommend their service highly enough.

Stuart Kinnear
Treatment Preparation


In May 2012 at the age of 21, I was bit by a tick. What would follow could be summed up as the painful loss of my 20’s. Through countless courses of treatments, across several areas of medicine, through failures and almost successes I have survived. I have fought and I have been broken down; I was no longer in charge of my own story. My quality of life had stooped to such a degree over the course of so much time that I hadn’t even noticed. The constant pain, the fatigue, the neurological symptoms piling up faster than I could take note of them. It had become my new normal. So, I made a decision; something drastic needed to happen. I could not live life like that anymore.


As I had already been though the classic Lyme ringer of being called ‘crazy’ and being misdiagnosed, I decided to delve into some heavy research to see what my options were. Through a fellow volunteer at the incredible Lyme Warrior organization, I came to learn of the St. Georg Klinik. This find led me to the immensely helpful Michelle McKeon from Lyme and Cancer Services who provided me not only with all of the information and guidance I could possibly need, but also a lot of encouragement along the way. After much discussion with family, friends and my local Lyme doctor it became clear that this was my best chance at getting my life back. In short, it turned out to be true.


Now it is May 2018, I am 27 and I’ve been home from my three week stay at the Klinik for about two months. I feel incredible, profoundly more at peace within myself and my mind. My whole world has changed. I find it hard to adequately express how amazing my experience at the Klinik truly was and how grateful I am to have been able to go. While there I felt safe, taken care of and validated in every way possible. I learned, rested, explored and I healed. The staff was so kind and amazing, so reassuring. I can say with confidence that the food was stellar and it was all 100% worth it. Though, to be clear, it was not a magical fix; it was a lot of hard work and it was scary. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, but the fight was absolutely worth it. Slowly but surely, I am getting my life back and what a spectacular feeling that is.

Hannah Barry
Treatment Preparation